Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Record #5

Confirmed participation in projects from 01.Oct.06 to 31.Dec.06:
58- Irina Logvinova´s Time is an artist
59- Spanyolnátha´s R-evolution
60-Taraka Tee´s Holy Cow
61- The Independence Day Art Festival in Dhaka
62- Nicole EIPPERS´s All About Pigs - http://piggyonemailart.blogspot.com/
63- Kristine Di Grigoli Paige´s Celebrate the Sound and Vision Shows - http://www.thesoundandvision.com/receive.html
64-Maxi Boyd´s Monster art swap - http://maxiboyd.blogspot.com/
65- P Ryan´s Homework for Dreamers - http://homeworkfordreamers.blogspot.com/